Events and Programs

At Barron's Martial Arts, we regularly do activities beyond our core martial arts programs — some that are just for our students and others that are open to the general public. Below is a description of our upcoming events and programs for which you may have an interest. Click here to view photos from all of the activities in which we participate.

Free Halloween Party: Games, Constume Contest, Candy & More!

A Party Just For Boo… 👻
Halloween is just around the corner and we knew this would be a perfect opportunity to put on the most spooktacular party ever for the community! Join us on Wednesday 10/30/19 at 5:00pm for a Halloween Costume Party to remember.
Featuring: 🧟 Ghoulish Games, 🎃 Creepy Costume Contests, 🍬 Tasty Treats, ☠ A Terrifying Obstacle Course And more!
Bring your friends and remember that space is limited. Click the link below to sign-up!

Parent’s Night Out

NOTE: Everyone had a blast 8/16 and want to do it again! So rather than waiting until next month we may do it again 8/23/2019. Same time same place! Let us know if you will make it.

We have crafted fun events like no other. Your kids will get the chance to be creative and use their imaginations during active game play all night! They will be raving about our game party for weeks!

1st 10 to register for $15.00:

$25.00 for all others until sold out:

You get to have a kid free night 🙌

The kids aren’t sitting at home with a baby sitter watching TV (Lame!)
They will get to flex their imagination muscles 💪🏻
They will be supervised by our trained professional staff
They will get to play inspired games and follow a narrated story

It is only happening one night ☹️
Your child will talk about how much fun they had for DAYS (better than talking about Fortnite!)
Spots are limited… Like seriously limited. We only have a few spots 😮

As you can see, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

If you snooze and our Pokemon Battle Ball is sold out, then here is where you can register for the next one!

Your Best Birthday Party

If you’re looking for a unique kids birthday party idea, you need to look no further.

We hold birthday parties at our Houston area martial arts school. Kids of all ages — from five-year-olds to teenagers — love them.

We take care of everything. All you need to do is invite the guests and tell them when to show up at our school.

For view our birthday-party program video, access to our free report (How To Put On A Better Birthday Party), and get more information about scheduling a birthday party at Barron's Martial Arts, please go here.

anti-bullying seminars

Anti-Bullying Seminars

Because of the belief that having strong self-defense skills is a component of dealing with a bully, our martial arts school has been a magnet over the years for bullied kids. Therefore, at Barron's Martial Arts, we have a great deal of anti-bullying experience.

We have taken that experience and created an anti-bullying program that’s embedded in all of our children martial arts programs — to help our students prevent bullying from happening and know how to deal with bullying if it occurs.

We also do anti-bullying seminars at Barron's Martial Arts. Please call (832) 600-0121 to learn more.

martial arts tournament

Martial Arts Tournament

At Barron's Martial Arts, we are very proud of our student’s accomplishments. One way we celebrate these accomplishments is at our annual martial arts tournament.

Our tournaments feature our students of all ages performing forms (patterns), sparring, and breaking boards.

If you’d like to learn more about our school, attending a tournament is a great way to do so.

We look forward to your participation.